Why Sustainable Manufacturing is the Right Move

Hand Over Grass Holding Factory SilouetteWEBHow we can preserve and sustain the earth is at the forefront of many discussions in todays society. It is also the reason many manufacturing companies are taking the proper steps to help do their part and are making use of sustainable manufacturing practices. The US Department of Commerce defines sustainable manufacturing as “the creation of manufactured products that use processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, are safe for employees, communities, and consumers and are economically sound.”

A manufacturing operation will see quite a few benefits from taking up best practices that go along with a sustainable manufacturing initiative. For example, the sustainable manufacturing practice of using materials and inputs that are non-hazardous or able to be recycled would lead to safe disposal. This would lower or eliminate containment fees, fines and penalties. This eliminations of fees, fines and penalties would lead to reduced spending for a company.

glassPiggyBankwithGreenfactoryinsideWEBThe next big benefit that will also serve as a domino effect for the third and final benefit, is the environmental impact that sustainable manufacturing has. There is no doubt that sustainable manufacturing has a positive impact on the environment. The sustainable manufacturing practice of using less energy, water, and packaging will reduce waste generated. Reducing waste and hazardous emissions will in turn preserve the environment. In addition, you can cut waste and a company’s carbon footprint, using renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines, another form of sustainable manufacturing.

Sustaining the earth is on everyone’s minds nowadays and with social media it is easier than ever for customers and consumers to connect with businesses. Because of this, it is important for companies to maintain a positive brand image. If consumers don’t view a business as respectable, considerate, and compassionate, that business may lose a lot of customers. Through transparency regarding sustainable manufacturing practices, the public can see a sustainable manufacturing company adopting environmental sustainability and implementing safe practices for employees. This produces a rise in trust and respect for a company. This respect in turn can lead to a better brand image and ultimately lead to more customers.

IndustrialLandscapeHeaderWEBEach of these benefits blend into the other. For example, using materials and inputs that are non-hazardous doesn’t just have a positive impact on a company cost spending. It also has a positive impact on the environment. The same can be said for the use of renewable energy. Energy efficient lighting lasts longer and requires less electricity to operate. With less electricity use, a company will cut spending on energy.

Sustainable manufacturing has more benefits than it does negative impacts on a company, and many more benefits then just the three stated above. These are proven practices and benefits that more and more companies have been embracing and implementing. It makes too much sense for a company to not make use of sustainable manufacturing.


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