A Day in the Life: Christina Howard (Senior eBay Purchasing Support)

Video transcribed by Ryan Neuman for Radwell International

ChristinaintheofficeatRadwellMy name is Christina Howard and I’m a Senior Ebay Purchasing Support SME. SME stands for Subject Matter Expert. I work in an office called the Command Center at Radwell headquarters in Willingboro, NJ. The office is themed like a space ship as you can see in some of the office pictures.

My job responsibilities include ensuring that all payments are processed for Ebay and optimizing parts so that they’re visual for the customers.

My favorite part of the day is when I walk in the door, grab my coffee, and see my peers. I’ve worked at Radwell for 9 years and I’m going on my 10th next year and I’m super excited about it.

Christina_GuitarWhat I like most about my job is the opportunity for growth. What drives me to be my best is for my Radwell family and also for my family at home. I have 2 wonderful girls and as a single parent I’ve been given every opportunity to excel in this company.

The busiest parts of my day, after I’ve walked in the door and grabbed my coffee, are the morning responses to our vendors from Ebay and also processing payments.

A few interesting things about me: I sing and play the guitar. In addition, I’m a Christian. That’s a huge part of my walk in life and because of that and my faith, I am who I am today.Christinaintheoffice2

One of the benefits to working at Radwell headquarters is we have the opportunity to use an in-house gym for free. Since I joined our gym, which we call RadFit, I’ve lost over 70 pounds. Every opportunity that I get, I’m in our gym working out. A lot of people know me and have become my friend because of the gym.

And that is brief look at a day in the life of an Ebay Purchasing and Support SME.




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