What is a Gedevelop Camera?

shutterstock_721124902WEBWhat is a Gedevelop Camera?

A Gedevelop Camera is an air-cooled camera that is designed to withstand heat, smoke, moisture and strong magnetic fields that exist in a fiberizer area. It is used primarily in the manufacturing of insulation. Multiple Gedevelop cameras are connected to a GFM system, which acts as the key component to Glass Flow and Meter measuring.

The Gedevelop camera looks at the glass stream and reads information for stream diameter and stream velocity. The information the camera reads is then sent to the central unit. Based on a set parameter, the glass flow is then calculated. The glass stream is also checked to see if it is at the correct level and if it isn’t, the system adjusts.

To consistently work in high temperature in the glass fiberizing and glass wool industry, parts must be capable of staying cool. The Gedevelop camera maintains cool temperatures with a pneumatic cooler that cools the electronics of the camera. In addition to keeping the electronics from overheating, the pneumatic cooler also heats the lens system to prevent condensation. This camera is designed to work up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The multifunctional holder does a lot more than just keep the camera in position. This holder acts as a thermal and mechanical protector. A row of LEDs helps align the camera towards the glass stream. The prefabricated cable is supplied with heavy-duty connectors at both ends for easy connection.

shutterstock_1228813036WEBUsing a Gedevelop camera and its partnering Gedevelop GFM system will only lead to benefits. Getting precise, accurate, and less variated glass flow leads to stable fiberizer conditions and eliminates manual pull checks. This results in one of the biggest benefits: increased spinner life. Furnace life will also increase along with spinner life. Due to constant pull, batch melting conditions will stabilize. Early identification of batch issues will also be found thanks to this system.  Finding those batch issues earlier rather than later will only extend the life of the furnace. With more accurate and precise readings, a Gedevelop camera ensures fewer variations in fiber content due to constant fiber flow. This creates an improved level of quality.

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