AI: The Rise of the Machines or Useful Tools

AI has been a popular topic of conversation recently. Every industry, including the manufacturing industry, is asking themselves how they can use AI to their advantage. Some people are apprehensive about these advancements, but AI is taking the world by storm, and it is important be educated on how it will apply to you. In a recent chat for USA Manufacturing Hour, on Twitter, Jim Palmer from led a discussion on the topic of AI.


AI in Business

The chat began with participants sharing if they have used AI in their place of business.

Ruby Rusine from Social Success Marketing said, “We're curious to know how our friends are using it”

Gina Tabasso said, “I used it personally to see how it could write a story of a mermaid in love with a unicorn and a villanelle about my horse. I also used it to generate lists of potential blog topics.”

Nigel Packer from Pelatis Online said, “we have been looking at many of the AI tools that are available online. Identifying the way they deal with responses from questions asked of them and the content that they generate for human consumption. There have been some enlightening insights.”

Pavel Stepanov from VirtuDesk said, “We are using AI for lead generation. So far, it has been good because it makes our job easier.”

Brett Kramer from FreightPOP said, “We use AI every day to help our customers get the most out of our platform!”

Host, Palmer said, “I have used it to critique marketing messages to ensure I was conveying the right message and to ensure I effectively target the audience I want to reach. So far, it does a fairly good job.”


How Have You Used AI?

Next, they discussed some other ways they have used AI

Tabasso said, “I don't know what I don't know, but I hope you know!”

Host, Palmer said, “The possibilities are endless Gina.”

Packer said, “As I hinted in one of the replies, it has provided a way of getting started when writing content. Instead of staring at a blank screen you can use the AI to generate an agenda or set of headings to start the ideas flowing.”

Stepanov said, “Content creation and idea generation.”

Host, Palmer replied, “It works well for it just have to double check it. Sometimes it makes things up that are not true.”

Stepanov replied back, “That's true. That's why it is a must to check the facts first.”

Rusine agreed, “Absolutely!”

Rusine said, “I know our clients can use it for predictive maintenance. In our industry, we use it as a wingman.”

Host, Palmer said, “It’s a great way to help me brainstorm on ideas to write about topics on manufacturing.”


Getting Out of Hand

Participants were then asked if they believe AI will get out of hand like the Terminator and other movies.

Tabasso said. “I believe so by people who are not trained to use it as a tool. CEOs will try to create content instead of hiring a marketing person. Already, we are seeing students no longer writing their own papers and creating them through AI.”

Packer said, “And failing their papers because of the inaccuracies in their AI generated work.”

Stepanov said, “It is possible!”

He added, “I believe it can. ChatGPT has been out of hand spreading biased and non-factual information. Who knows what else can happen?”

Packer said, ‘There is a lot of Hype and jumping on the bandwagon at the moment. Most of the content that I have read, lacks empathy and human qualities that cannot be replicated by software. This does not mean that it will not get better with time.”

Host, Palmer said, “Only if it becomes self-aware. I have debated with the more popular one and it contains the biases of the programmers.”


AI in Manufacturing

The chat continued with a discussion on how AI can be used in manufacturing.

Rusine said, “In my answer earlier as a top used case, predictive maintenance. And of course, robotics and automation.”

Tabasso said, “cobots, robots, automation, predictive maintenance, and more.”artificial_intelligence_warehouse

Kramer said, “AI can be used to detect inefficiencies throughout the manufacturing process, and it can also be used to track materials used in order to prevent you from running out!”

Packer said, “There are many uses for AI or machine learning. These can be used to speed up processes by creating a set of algorithms (Formula) that inspect the different stages of the process using sensors to make it happen faster. It does not mean that it learns.”

Host, Palmer replied, “I would think something called AI would have to eventually learn otherwise why call it AI? To me its like calling the Cloud something special when all it is are other computers. Does that make sense or am I reading AI wrong?”

Packer then replied, “Jim, AI is supposed to be sentient, hence the "Rise of the Machines" narrative. Unfortunately, the hype has taken over and we are really talking about computer programs that just follow a set of rules. I have not seen any evidence of self learning so far.”

Host, Palmer said, “There are loads of potential uses of AI in manufacturing. Predictive Maintenance, Smart Supply Chains, Quality Control, Robotics and more”


Regulations on AI

Participants then shared their thoughts on if AI should be carefully regulated by congress.

Host, Palmer said, “There needs to be some balance for responsible use and regulations that safeguard privacy, prevent bias & address ethical concerns.”

Tabasso said “No. It is open source and should be free. People can make their own decisions.”

Host Palmer replied, “I get it, I don't like gov getting involved with everything, but what about people using AI to make harmful fake videos or using it to pretend they kidnapped a loved one? It has been happening.”

Tabasso replied back, “And it happens on the internet and social media, and we get scammed on eBay. The government does not need to control the source. We have legal rights to prosecute and use the justice system.”

Stepanov replied, “Totally the same sentiments here, Jim. They should create regulations to protect those who will be harmed.”

Rusine said, “I have a reservation when the government steps in. A lot of things. But I'll just stop there.”

Host Palmer replied, “LOL I understand. I debated long about that question internally but decided to go for it. AI said I should.”

He added, “We know the good of AI and we know it is already being used for nefarious purposes but used correctly it can be a valuable tool for business? Anyone have something they would like to mention on the matter?”




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