Gedevelop GFM System: An Overview

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All over the world, manufacturers in the glass fiberizing and glass wool industry are interested in increasing the quality of their products. The Gedevelop GFM System is suited for this process. It works with glass flow and collects data in real time for optimum control of the manufacturing process. This system reduces material costs and shortens production downtime.

How exactly does this system work? The Gedevelop system uses a camera which looks at the glass stream and reads information for stream diameter and stream velocity. The information is then sent to the central unit and based on set parameters, calculates the glass flow. The glass flow meter continuously measures glass flow individually for each fiberizing unit and allows the pull to be controlled within .5%. It also checks that the quality of the glass stream is at the correct level and if it isn’t, the system can make adjustments. This glass flow meter is a
non-contact, optical measurement system that calculates the flow of molten glass that falls from the bushing into the fiberizer. Many installations worldwide have proven that glass flow measurement is a very profitable investment in a short amount of payback time.

The Gedevelop camera is an air-cooled camera that is designed to withstand heat, smoke, moisture and strong magnetic fields that exist in a fiberizer area. The electronics are cooled by a vortex cooler which also heats the lens system to prevent condensation. The camera is designed to work in an ambient temperature up to 302 degrees F. The air supplied to the camera is filtered.

Radwell International Gedevlop Repair ServicesWhen manufacturing glass-wool insulation, it is important to be able to verify the position of the cameras in order to measure and control the process precisely. The Camera Maintenance Manager for the Glass Flow Meter System makes it easy to verify that the cameras are correctly positioned. The camera holder not only keeps the camera in position but also acts as a thermal and mechanical protector. The camera slides into the holder, locks into position and is then aligned towards the glass stream with the help of a row of LED’s which can be viewed through a window at the back of the camera. The prefabricated cable is supplied with heavy duty connectors. All user interaction takes place through a touch screen, which displays the flow and stream temperature.

The glass flow measurement system can be equipped with a built-in pyrometer. The pyrometer measures the temperature of the glass stream at the same time as the glass flow is measured and controlled. Gedevelop has developed a new pyrometer for applications within the glass wool industry. Measuring the temperature of the glass stream in glass wool manufacturing will increase the understanding of the fiberizing process and improve the potential and accuracy in controlling it. It will give the possibility to improve the glass properties and fiber forming.

The GFM system is capable of handling from 1 up to 10 cameras so it supports manufacturing facilities of all sizes and can also accommodate expansion for a small facility that grows its capabilities. Access to the system is very user-friendly for plant managers. By using a standardized software/server in a mobile phone or desktop computer, remote access to the GFM system is possible. This allows the production supervisor to read and change parameters in the system. This remote way of access can be used within the plant’s Wi-Fi area or at any spot with mobile data service.

Some of the benefits of Gedevelop’s GFM System:

Increased Spinner Life: Less variation of the glass flow leads to stable fiberizer conditions and the absence of manual pull-checks which increase the spinner life.

Increased Productivity: Less workload on fiberizer zone and product control due to reduced pull-checks and density control.

Less Rejects Due to Poor Fiber Quality: There are fewer variations in fiber content due to constant fiber flow, and therefore there is an improved level of quality due to fewer variations.

Increased Furnace Life: Constant pull will stabilize batch melting conditions. This system allows for early identification of batch issues and will, therefore, extend the life of the furnace.

Gedevelop GFM System is very specialized and not easy to repair. Having advanced and specialized testing equipment is really the only way to insure that repairs are accurate. This is because simulating the actual workings of the machines is the only way to test the repairs altogether. Believe it or not, there are very few if any, companies qualified to fully repair this system. In speaking to Daniel Murphy, Branch Manager for Radwell International in St Charles, Missouri, his facility has a detailed testing system designed to assist with Gedevelop repairs and is qualified to repair every aspect of the system. Also, a two-year warranty is offered on all Gedevelop repairs. Radwell’s Missouri location services Gedevelop repairs worldwide.

Daniel Murphy is located at Radwell International's Missouri office and can be reached at

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