How Mobile Robots Improve Efficiency

Mobile robots are a useful form of technology that are utilized in many manufacturing operations. Mobile robots use sensors along with other technology to move around the plant in which they are operating in.

Over the past few decades, robots have become more and more integrated into the manufacturing floor. Over the years they have proved themselves to be an extremely effective resource to aid in the growth of efficiency in manufacturing operations. First introduced to the industry in the 1960’s, robots have constantly been improved an updated to increase their job capabilities.

It is no secret that technology in manufacturing has done wonders for the efficiency and productivity of industry since it was first brought into the process. The introduction of mobile robots specifically, has revolutionized the manufacturing process in terms of efficiency. Robots can perform tasks in a quicker and more reliable fashion than previous methods. Mobile Robots can be used for multiple different jobs on the manufacturing floor. Each of these robots have benefits and drawbacks but integrating the right robot into an operation can boost the efficiency of your operation in more ways than one.

Why should you incorporate them into your operation?

Typically, mobile robots can be smoothly introduced into the manufacturing operation without disruption to the process. Adding robots to the manufacturing floor can create a collaborative work environment between human workers and the mobile robot technology. While there are some safety risks in adding new robotics into your operation, they can also decrease safety risks if the correct measures are taken to properly integrate them.

We may hate to admit it, but human error can be a serious setback in manufacturing. Inserting robots in areas of high human error can benefit the operations productivity. The manufacturing floor can be a dangerous and difficult place at time, in the case of a human issue, setbacks are inevitable. Mobile robots can perform these tasks in order to benefit the operation and decrease setbacks.

Human error can lead to a crippling amount of downtime, which is detrimental in a manufacturing operation. Robots taking over tedious and repetitive tasks that are easily susceptible to human error dramatically decreases downtime. Along with this, these employees can take on more meaningful tasks rather than performing repetitious jobs which overall leads to a more fast paced and efficient environment.

mobile-robot-in-settingOne of the major benefits of robotics in manufacturing is that they create a reliable productivity rate. Technology can be programmed to do what you need, exactly when you need it done. Mobile robots specifically can transport supplies or goods in the operation when they are needed. This creates overall higher reliability in the industry.

The lingering question that remains is the cost of incorporating these useful devices. Looking beyond the initial expense it takes to bring in mobile robots to an operation, incorporating mobile robots into the manufacturing process can lower the overall cost of your operation. Manufacturers see a quick ROI when it comes to their investment in robotics on the manufacturing floor. The increase in productivity leads to more cost efficiency. Not only this, but labor costs are reduced through the introduction of mobile robots.

Mobile robots are used in so many different industries and manufacturing operations. The world is becoming more and more automated, and it may be time to start looking into adding mobile robotics in your manufacturing operation if you haven’t already. Are mobile robots right for your operation?



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