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The Basics of a Circuit Breaker

From home electrical systems to advanced industrial circuits, circuit breakers protect power systems from electrical power overloads, ground faults, arc faults and other scenarios where electricity could pose a safety risk to people and property. In the case of a fault, circuit breakers interrupt the flow of electricity, limiting the energy available to cause damage. What types of circuit breakers exist and why? Let’s take a quick look.

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Staying Cool: Increasing the Lifespan of Your Electrical Components

Warm temperatures can wreak havoc on electrical components and other manufacturing machinery. Internal heat will cause the temperature of an enclosure to rise to unacceptable levels if it is not removed. High temperatures affect  drives, PLC's and other automation equipment in a very detrimental way. Heat may cause system failure, thermal aging and reduction in thermo-mechanical cycle life. To prevent catastrophic equipment failure,

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