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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

FMEA stands for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. This is a complex and important process for manufacturing operations to perform. This process can be lengthy, but the rewards that come from it are worth the wait.  In a recent USA Manufacturing Hour Chat on Twitter, Host, Nigel Packer, from Pelatis Online led a discussion on FMEA and its benefits.

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Eight Steps Towards Eliminating Obsolete Industrial Automation Equipment

Everyone knows how quickly technology evolves and innovates, rendering yesterday’s models passé, and sometimes even obsolete – what with all the enhancements and updates that come with the gadgets, devices or machines used today. 

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Working Through Challenges to Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

There are many opportunities to increase supply chain efficiency. There are also many challenges that impact the ability to run efficiently. By working through some of the challenges with some practical methods that have a big impact on supply chain management, any organization can increase their supply chain efficiency, regardless of industry.

Let’s start by exploring a few of the challenges to supply chain efficiency that impact most industries.

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