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Radwell: Your Obsolescence Management Partner

At Radwell International, we specialize in stocking and selling a wide range of new and surplus industrial, electronic, and automation equipment, offering component-level repair services. Our solutions cater to plant floor needs, from daily supplies to urgent machine-down situations, addressing both long-term challenges and minimizing downtime. Radwell is the ultimate source for critical plant floor spares, providing new products, solutions for obsolete items, and diverse data-driven options for effective facility management. Our Automation Lifecycle Analysis is tailored to fit the needs of a facility.

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From Crisis to Calm: The Radwell Difference During Crunch Time

It is often during times of crisis in a manufacturing facility that Radwell International is called upon to deliver a solution. Our technicians have spent years honing their skills for exactly the type of situation that occurred with one of our customers this summer.

We received a call at Radwell from one of the manufacturing plants for a large global food manufacturing company. They had called in for an after-hours rush and discovered that Radwell also offered field services which they desperately needed. They were in crisis: their plant was not operational. This was caused by a power surge from one of the utility sub stations, resulting in over 100 drives and other controls and protection devices failing or blowing up due to excessive voltage. This was a major equipment failure situation.

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