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How Social Media Can Benefit Your Operation

You see all the activity happening on social media. Is your business taking advantage of what social media has to offer? Social media can bring many distinct benefits to industrial brands. Here are some ways in which a strong social media presence can positively impact your manufacturing business:

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Influencer Marketing for Manufacturers

In recent years, influencer marketing has been taking off. As a newer form of marketing, it is important that manufacturers use influencer marketing as a part of their strategy. In a recent USA Manufacturing Hour on Twitter, host, Chris Giglio from Rovere Media, led a discussion on this topic.

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Use of LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Revenue Growth

Social Media can be a great tool for not only connecting with existing customers, but for finding leads as well. LinkedIn, as a social media platform, is focused on business. When utilized effectively, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to spur leads and, in turn, revenue growth for any type of business including manufacturing.

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Collaborative Marketing: Having Fun and Getting the Message Across

When marketing is at its best, creative people get together and create interesting, attention-grabbing content. Sometimes it's two people chatting. Sometimes it's a formal meeting of creative people. Regardless of who it is, inevitably it becomes interesting. As the thoughts flow from creative person to creative person, things tend to emerge that give flight to ideas and allow for expression in an unusual and sometimes powerful way. Other times it’s just fun and makes us laugh as we develop concepts and throw around puns. And usually it’s a little bit of everything mixed together. When it works, you definitely can feel it.

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