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Collaborative Marketing: Having Fun and Getting the Message Across

Oct 28, 2015 11:03:06 AM / by RadwellInternational posted in Behind the Scenes at Radwell International, ghosts, Halloween, Marketing, mummies, Radwell International, social media, vampires, werewolfs, zombies


When marketing is at its best, creative people get together and create interesting, attention-grabbing content. Sometimes it's two people chatting. Sometimes it's a formal meeting of creative people. Regardless of who it is, inevitably it becomes interesting. As the thoughts flow from creative person to creative person, things tend to emerge that give flight to ideas and allow for expression in an unusual and sometimes powerful way. Other times it’s just fun and makes us laugh as we develop concepts and throw around puns. And usually it’s a little bit of everything mixed together. When it works, you definitely can feel it.


The other day, my co-worker, Ryan, and I were discussing creative content themed around Halloween. You might wonder what Halloween has to do with industrial automation. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That’s the challenging and fun part of what we do. We need to humanize what looks dry and generally uninteresting on paper. If you are running a factory operation or managing a warehouse, what we do here at Radwell International is very releveant and quite interesting. But if you like pretty pictures on Instagram and don’t know what a servo motor is, it might be a little trickier for us to grab your attention and show you who we are and what we do. That’s where the zombies come into play. Yes, you read correctly. ZOMBIES. We wanted to do something really creative. Ryan is a videographer and I am a photographer so we tend to really get ahead of ourselves when it comes to concocting ideas for elaborate, and often way out of reach, photo shoots. We wanted to plan this enormous photo shoot centering around a Halloween theme and utilizing actual employees dressed up as zombies. We usually film or photograph actual employees in our regular marketing efforts but we don’t usually put them in zombie attire with zombie make up on. That’s the elaborate part. And slightly more elaborate than holding a Radwell box and looking positive and p

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