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Six Ways Radwell Verified Subs Can Change Your Life

Mar 27, 2017 4:12:17 PM / by Julie Basello posted in Industrial Automation, Radwell Service Offerings, Tips from the Warehouse, Quality Assurance, Radwell, Verified Subs, Parts, Replacements


If you work in a manufacturing facility, we’ve got a product offering that can change your life. Sounds like a lofty promise, doesn’t it? Our answer is all about one of the most unique of our offerings at Radwell International: our Radwell Verified Sub Program. It is not something that is all that common to find among industrial automation service/parts providers. We get asked about this program all the time by customers who want to know what a Radwell Verified Sub is and how it can benefit them.

In simple terms, a Radwell Verified Sub is a high quality, new product replacement that can be substituted for the original manufacturer’s item at a significant savings.

If you work in a manufacturing operation, here are six ways that Radwell Verified Subs can truly change your life:

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