Meet the Team-Travis Jones (Radwell-Indiana)

In this week’s MEET THE TEAM, we’re featuring Travis Jones, Senior Sales Team Coordinator from Radwell-Indiana.

Fun fact about your job that others might not be aware of: I have seen the Franklin, Indiana office grow from a small few to a nice team functioning and maturing into an established branch with a great reputation that is being established across our community.

Favorite Quote: I have two favorite quotes. “A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”-Walter Bagehot and “All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again” –Ecclesiastes 1:7

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? There are so many things! I love a good adventure filled with mystery and suspense. Fishing in the storm surge on the Mediterranean Sea as water slammed us into a retention wall…roof jumping at 2am across downtown Columbus, Ohio…driving across the desert in a mustang convertible with two friends as we raced to Hollywood, CA and somehow found ourselves in the middle of a parade on the strip, so we smiled and waved and acted like we were part of the parade…and so many other untold tales.

What is your favorite place on earth and why? Sanibel Island, FL where I surprised my wife for our honeymoon over 13 years ago. It wa her first flight, farthest trip from home and we swam with dolphins…unexpectedly. My second favorite place is East Jerusalem, Israel. I spent nearly 4 weeks there on my first big trip away from anyone I knew. It changed my heart, my mind and my life.




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Meet the Team-Stuart Mcclymont (Radwell-UK)

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Meet the Team-Ralph Grothe (Radwell-Canada)

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The Father of PLC's:How Richard Morley Revolutionised the Automation Industry

It’s been 51 years since the birth of the Programmable Logic Controller. We look back at the history of the PLC and how replacing hard wired relay systems changed the world of manufacturing.

Dick Morley, 1968

It was the year 1964 when a young cunning engineer, Dick Morley, was unemployed, had a new baby, a mortgage to pay and only $1,000 in the bank. Morley had previously worked a desk job designing atomic bombs, aeroplanes and communication systems performing the duties he was instructed to do. Morley did not enjoy his job, and, at that time, he had no plans in the pipeline to create such an influential piece of automated equipment. After finding his passion for skiing, Morely quit his job and focused on his hobby which eventually lead him to engineering ideas.

Morley eventually opened up his own professional consulting firm with friend Geogre Schwenk under the name ‘Bedford Associates’’ located in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. Morley and Schwenk worked with local machine tool firms to help them evolve into the new, solid-state manufacturing sphere. Unfortunately, as his firm progressed, he began to notice that each project he worked on was practically the same; the manufacturing industry was using similar minicomputers and Morley found himself bored.

With his creativity and his engineering motive to ‘make things work’, Morley started to wonder if he could invent a controller which could automate industrial process with multiple input/output arrangements in real time. This would alternately replace the likes of hard wired relay control systems.

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Meet the Team-Nathan Turner (Radwell-Indiana)

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Meet the Team-Eric Maccabe (Radwell-Indiana)

In this week’s MEET THE TEAM, we’re featuring Eric Maccabe, Production Manager at Radwell-Indiana.

Fun fact about your job that others might not be aware of:

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PinPoint Machine Testing

Part of the work that Radwell International performs every day is the diagnosing and repair of electronic equipment used in many different applications worldwide.

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Meet the Team: Hollie McGaha (Radwell-Indiana)

In this week’s MEET THE TEAM Employee feature, we’re featuring Hollie McGaha, a Central Receiving Processor from Radwell-Indiana.

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Meet the Team: Jordan Clarke (Radwell-UK)

In this week’s MEET THE TEAM Employee feature, we’re featuring Jordan Clarke, a Shipping Order Processor from Radwell-UK.

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Collaborative Marketing: Having Fun and Getting the Message Across

When marketing is at its best, creative people get together and create interesting, attention-grabbing content. Sometimes it's two people chatting. Sometimes it's a formal meeting of creative people. Regardless of who it is, inevitably it becomes interesting. As the thoughts flow from creative person to creative person, things tend to emerge that give flight to ideas and allow for expression in an unusual and sometimes powerful way. Other times it’s just fun and makes us laugh as we develop concepts and throw around puns. And usually it’s a little bit of everything mixed together. When it works, you definitely can feel it.

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